RLS – Relief of Symptoms

12:38 pm

That annoying feeling that you have to move your legs when your system slows down to rest is annoyin...

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Relax and Heal with Gary – Recovery and the Chronic patient

3:53 pm

If you are trying to recover from a chronic condition such as lupus, lymphedema, fibromyalgia, chron...

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Relax & Heal With Gary –Lymphatic Drainage, Breast Cancer and you

5:28 pm

  Breast Cancer, and you. There are 2 things you never want together. But what does Lymphatic D...

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Relax & Heal with Gary – Parasympathetic Response

5:19 pm

To rest and digest or not to rest and digest, that is the question; Whether ’tis nobler in the...

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Relax and Heal with Gary – Lymphatic Drainage

2:58 pm

You want to use tics to drain my what? Lymphatic Drainage (pronounced: lim fa “tic”   dra naj) is a...

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HEY YOU! Fibromyalgia Sufferers!!! – Body Balancing Massage Therapy

4:04 pm

I have an easy/low cost treatment for fibro-flares. I know, I know everyone says that. But here it i...

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Hyperventilation Syndrome – Body Balancing Massage Therapy

7:32 pm

Relax & Heal With Body Balancing Massage Therapy “To breathe deep is to fill your lungs with lif...

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how to relax your crazy mind – Body Balancing Massage Therapy

1:55 pm

Some come by the silence as easily as those that suffer from the noise. But the truth is that for th...

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Body Balancing Massage therapy in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel syndrome

5:36 pm

You say tOmato, I say tomAto. But aren’t they the same? No! Let me state right off that there is a d...

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Lymph Drainage in the treatment of Chronic Sinus Infections

11:26 am

  Fever, Weakness and fatigue, cough, runny nose, or congestion. You just got back from your ph...

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