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“But, but, but,.. you realize i came to see you for back pain right?”  he asks  “Yes, I do.” I answer “But you didn’t touch my back” he states “I know, how is your back feeling?” i ask. I can almost hear him from behind the privacy curtain wiggling his hips trying to recreate the pain. “uhm,.. the pain is gone!” he remarks. “That was the idea, right?” I ask

Lets call out the obvious. We have one body. Everything is connected in one way or another. Everything is connected by and to soft tissue (Muscle,tendon, ligament, fascia). The tension of the soft tissue influences parts with a direct and an indirect connection. The tension in the soft tissue can restrict, impinge, congest fluids (Blood, water, lymph etc). Since we are aprox 70% water any restriction in the flow of fluids has the potential to set up injury or illness. It also can improve injury or illness by opening those restrictions, impingements and congestion.

back painFor instance. An impingement that is very common in a society that sits a lot, (ours) is in the inguinal (the panty line of the leg) line. This is a major pathway of the fluids returning from the leg to the torso. Slowing of fluid return can make the musculature of this area “sticky” or “congested”, making it more difficult for you to once again stand up straight. The simple fact that you do not regain a fully upright posture can contribute to the inguinal area becoming even more impinged, congested and straining the back. It can contribute to swelling in the ankle, leg and thigh. While a little swelling doesn’t sound like much of a problem. Consider that clear water weighs 8lb per gallon. 1 gallon doesn’t  appear to make to much of a difference in the look of the legs, but it does in the feel, from the inside and the outside. Whether it is a sticky inguinal or a long day on the job doesn’t matter. Inflammation and/or swelling is part and parcel in tiring the legs.

90% of the time when someone comes into my office for treatment of back pain, they are amazed that i rarely work on their back at all. Instead i work on the causes of the problem, not just the pain. Regardless of whether the pain is from disk problems or simply overwork. Improving the fluid movement through the legs as well as the tone of the musculature eases the pain in the back. In fact i have often found “tinkering” around with the musculature of the back when someone is suffering with back pain is like sticking your hands in a wasp’s nest. Not a particularly good idea for either of us.

So the next time you have back pain. do something nice for your legs, a warm epsom salt bath perhaps. Be nice to your back and stand up straight and i bet it will be nicer to you!

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