Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Sciatica pain from a soft tissue perspective

4:43 pm

While Sciatica is not the most misunderstood pathology out there it is one of the top 10 to be sure....

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Plantars Fasciitis

8:44 pm

Do you know why this is called Plantar Fasciitis? Well, the bottom of the foot is called the “...

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Migraines – not the end of the world, and yes there is help

12:39 am

M I G R A I N E S : Big Subject, mostly idiopathic, tons of home remedies, lots of scary pharmaceuti...

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Walking RIGHT into health

4:34 pm

When you are in your early 20’s. The challenge is to see what you can do in an arena of discov...

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ANXIETY, VERTIGO and PANIC – Relax and Heal with Gary

7:58 pm

ANXIETY, VERTIGO and PANIC: 3 different pathologies that are circular in nature. From a soft tissue...

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Whats the difference?

1:44 pm

So often i am asked: I know there is a difference in what you do,.. but what is it. Probably the sin...

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Recovery and Bodywork

6:12 pm

IN RECOVERY?: if you are trying to recover your health or strength whether from a debilitating probl...

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THAR she blows! – The Sneeze

3:02 pm

“I can nah hold her keptin, she’s gonna bloooow” my apologies to Star Trek and Mob...

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Back pain is a tired leg problem – Medical Massage

6:41 pm

“But, but, but,.. you realize i came to see you for back pain right?”  he asks  “Y...

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The balance point – Relax and Heal with Gary

1:24 pm

In all things there is a center, a balance point if you will. It is a neutral position where you ope...

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