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VertiANXIETY, VERTIGO and PANIC: 3 different pathologies that are circular in nature.
From a soft tissue point of view (that is often ignored) A,V & P can be “held” onto by the body.
NOT ALL, but a majority of the cases of A,V,&P have to do with breathing and posture. It may seem to be minimizing these pathologies but in truth it is the element that is missed that keeps you suffering.
It can be as simple as this. A collapsed posture imbalances the depth of your breathing. This creates the oppurtunity for your chest musculature to tighten and become shortened further. This patterned shortening of the chest musculature can present itself as rolled a head forward, rolled shoulder, and collapsed chest. Those same symptoms will also contribute to the A,V & P recurrence.

Women are N O T O R I O U S for collapsing their chest in their developmental years and never getting past it. Add  in adult stresses to that collapsed chest, shallow breathing and you have all the makings of Anxiety, Vertigo and Panic attacks.

So, what to do about it? For beginnings, stand up and breathe full! Experienced bodywork can help you open up the musculature that will hold you in that “sick” pattern. Exercise that works and stretches those muscles. Patterned exercises like Tai Chi can help you with the breathwork and the movement exercise.

There is help.

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