What is Lymphatic Face Lift?


The LDT Facelift is a wonderfully relaxing and soothing treatment that boosts your health, improves your energy and allows the facial tissue to recover. In this instance recover from ptosis, sagging, swelling, congestion, and toxicity. The "face lift" is a really a "side effect" of the process of clearing the underlying environment.

A simple analogy of the Lymphatic system is of a sewer system. If the sewer system under your house gets plugged it backs up into your house, the house being your your face. However, many times the sewer system doesn't back up, it just slows down. In the case of your body, that sluggishness allows toxins, waste, and proteins to stay longer and potentially cause harm.

A few reasons for the sluggishness?

Dehydration - the less fluid there is in the removal system the longer it takes to move the contents (this can also be part of the on going problem, that once it becomes congested it takes more of the fluid that is not there to clear the congestion)

Muscle tension - restricted muscles can limit the flow of even well hydrated pathways and force the fluid to back up in tissue and create pain, which in turn creates more tension, etc etc

Over load - excessive amounts of proteins, toxins, cellular waste etc with either of the other two can create a blockage which opens the opportunity for ...

Infection - since the nodes are a gauntlet for viruses and bacteria to run for survival, anything short of an optimally operating system allows a place for them to survive.

Any one of these by themselves will probably not create a problem, but when two get together it can seriously tax your system.

When the environment under the skin is over loaded, it is shown in the skin (and other systems). In the case of the face, excessive amounts of non-recovered proteins promote swelling, and congestion. Toxin accumulation is often accompanied by fat accumulation. All this with the accompanying muscle tension, strains energy reserves and shows up in your face. "Jowls," "allergy eyes", chronic sinus congestion, wrinkles, tissue ptosis (sagging) and a host of other responses, some related only to the beauty of your face, some more systemic.

The LDT Face LIFT cleans your skin by improving the function of the lymphatic system. this in turn allows your skin to "tighten" and lift without the negative influences dragging it down.

One of the other benefits of this process is reduction in some cases of snoring. There are a multitude of beneficial effects from this process, that can only begin to be realized with the first session.

I hope this answers your questions - If not please send them to me directly at ggammon@bbcfl.com and put LDT facelift questions in the subject line