Therapeutic Massage & Body work

While all Massage is Therapeutic, not all Massage Therapists do Therapeutic Bodywork!
Therapeutic work is about making changes in the body's dynamic balance

Therapeutic Body work is often likened to deep tissue work. While some therapeutic work is "deep" the most prominent aspect of therapeutic work is knowledge of depth and not just stripping every muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia you come across.

Body Balancing Massage Therapy takes the whole body's reaction to the symptoms you are concerned with. Contrary to "Cartesian" thinking that everything is separate and like a clock you can replace a cog and never be the wiser;  the body is a "dynamic" living process, constantly changing and adapting to demands you place on it.

Therapeutic work from Body Balancing is about understanding the problem and how the symptoms came about. What the symptoms are saying about the imbalance going on.

Sometimes that means going light to open pathways of lymphatic circulation, going a little deeper to mobilize Trigger points, restricted musculature on circulatory pathways, or even deeper to relieve restrictions on viscera. It can be any of these, but usually a combination of all. Sometimes the body work can be at a distant location due to trigger points or adhesions. Therapeutic work is  to improve the environment of the area and then expanding beyond the most immediate symptoms to contributory factors to help the body heal, not to beat it up.