Kinesio Tape

What is it?  Well Kinesio tape is cotton based, hypo-allergenic, stretchable tape. What it does depends on how it is applied.

So, What does it do? Well, depending on the method of application it can strengthen a weak muscle or inhibit a tight one. That translates to you as pain relief from whiplash to shoulder pain, constipation and irritable bowel, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, migraines, whiplash and much more.

Fan tail applications are used (as in the picture to the Left) to improve blood and lymph circulation and speed healing. (normally under great conditions this bruise would take a month or two to heal) There is NO MEDICINE in this tape. It simply works by supporting your body’s normal function.

Who can apply it? Anyone. But it helps to have a CKTP (Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner) who can assess the situation properly and show you how to apply it. Like doing medical bodywork the pain is often NOT where the problem is.

The tape works slowly and constantly while it is on. You can shower and move about your daily activities with it on. In fact, the more you move the area (within reason) the better it works.

Lymphedema: In my experience with helping lymphedema patients it works tremendously well in helping the musculature move the stagnant proteins and metabolic waste (the yuck) out of an area and helps the musculature pump the fluid. In chronic cases of lymphedema, the lymphangion (muscles; like a series of little hands squeezing jello through a hose) are exhausted or have stopped working. So the respiratory system (breathing) and the activity of the muscles now move the fluid along. The tape improves circulation in two ways in this instance. It lifts the skin (by way of the wavy pattern the adhesive is applied with) and strengthens (an already tired, over worked) muscle to help it pump the fluid with activity.

In my experience of using Kinesio Tape. I use it after a body work session to keep the adjustments I make to your soft tissue (musculature, fascia, tendon and ligament). This shortens the number of sessions needed and speeds your recovery.