Insurance Procedures

I will gladly bill your health or Auto Insurance....ultimately you are responsible for the bill.

Auto or Health Insurance Requirements

  1. Get a prescription from your physician for"Massage Therapy" for your particular problem (include diagnosis codes, and naming massage therapy as the therapy in question,(not physical therapy as that is a specific profession like occupational therapists or massage therapists)
  2. Contact Your insurance Carrier
  3. Either scan & E-mail or Snail Mail me the prescription and insurance info from your card including D.O.B. (Date of Birth)

Send D.O.B of the policy holder and the patient in question

  • I will be happy to confirm coverage (Ultimately YOU are responsible for payment, Insurance Billing is a convenience)
  • I will be happy to bill your insurance company once coverage has been established
  • I will collect from you your Co-Payment
  • If you make an appointment and "no show" at the agreed upon time there is a "no show" charge of $70.00. Your insurance company will not cover this, so it is important that you make all appointments or cancel  to 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • If for some reason your insurance company refuses payment. Then you are responsible for payment. (this is usually not a problem since we confirm coverage before beginning therapy)