Comments from my Clients

"I have been using massage therapy for more than 7 years for pain management and stress-relief.  I have tried several therapists, but I have recommended Gary to family members, friends and business associates because I believe that the therapeutic benefits I receive from Gary are truly customized to my needs.  I feel safe, comfortable and, more importantly, simply great after a massage with Gary!"
CF, St Cloud, 2009

"Gary has been my massage therapist for years. I have tried others and there just is no comparison. He not only has the education and knowledge but is naturally intuitive about the body. He has integrity that is unmatched in any body worker I have ever experienced. He has compassion and respect for his clients and passion for his work. Along with all of these qualities he has an easy going and pleasant personality and is so comfortable to be with. Add along with that his being a great listener and  you've got a recipe for success. I don't know what I would do without him."
SC, Orlando 2009

"I would never have believed what a difference massage made unless I had been forced into it due to the alternative was surgery.  I had frozen shoulder and nothing was helping so the Orthopedic Doctor told me surgery was the next option. 

I am a big baby when it comes to being put under and cut and sewed back together so I began to look for alternatives.  By accident, I found Gary who "cured" my frozen shoulder and throughout the 4 years I have used him regularly, I have been kept limber and feeling well.  He does a bit of lymph drainage at each of our sessions and I am the only person in my office that has not gotten any of the "office pass around" diseases over the last 4 years.  I must also say that I am nearing 60 and am the oldest person in my office....and the healthiest !!  I feel this is directly due to massage and I am very grateful.  It takes a month or two (if you have serious issue to work through) but then it is smooth sailing."

SM, Orlando 2009

"I called Body Balancing the first time, in an emergency: my head got locked down onto my shoulder (I just woke up that way!) I could not lift my head up, and I was in a great deal of pain. After an hour of Gary's work, I could lift my head up and put my shoulder down. It took time to completely heal soreness in the muscles, but the panic was over and I could move around normally, and just that quickly! That had never happened to me before, and has never happened since (thank God!)

I continued to have weekly appointments with Body Balancing for chronic neck and back pain and severe migraine headaches (due to stress and 5 auto accidents!) Body Balancing uses non-painful techniques, so even the lightest touch could heal my aches and pains, and migraines!  After each appointment, I always had a better attitude, and felt like I could accomplish more after the therapy. I also learned, from Gary, about breathing well and drinking more water to help my healing process.

The therapy I received was professional and comfortable. It helped me feel alive and well, and I highly recommend you try it for yourself!"
DP, St. Cloud 2009

"Gary is reliable! if you need him in a hurry he will squeeze you in. Why suffer with the pain when you need to try my massage therapist. He comes to your house so you don't have to go anywhere.  What I ask myself is why did I have to suffer for so long?"
LN, Kissimmee 2009

I had been having these excruciating headaches for about 2 1/2 years.  When they first started, it was 24/7 for the first 9 months.  No over-the-counter meds even made a dent.  I had just recently started a new medication when the headaches started, so I started there to see if that was the reason.  It wasn't, so began my journey.  After making sure it wasn't my eyes, I saw a Chiropractor 3 times a day for 3 weeks.  When he couldn't help, he referred me to a Neurologist.  After my MRI, the Dr proudly told me I wasn't going to die.  Although the headaches were so bad, sometimes dying was a viable option, I was relieved to find out it wasn't something more serious.  So his answer was expensive drugs and continually going back to see him.  I tried a different Chiropractor, one that uses a machine for alignment.  After 3 weeks, again no relief.  I tried Physical Therapy, Pain Management with 3 different doctors.  Still no relief!  I even tried acupuncture.  What did I have to lose, except for a lot of money for what my insurance didn't cover.  Nothing worked.  I finally decided to see an Orthopedic Surgeon.  I didn't want to have surgery but felt if that was the only answer, I would do it.  My quality of life had dipped so low and I was at the end of my rope.  After x-rays, the OS told me I had bulging discs and a little arthritis, which was normal for someone my age.  There was no mechanical reason for the headaches.  I was crying out of frustration and pain when I left his office.  One of my biggest frustrations was that no doctor cared about finding out the root cause of the headaches and why no pain medications seemed to help.     

I finally decided that I would have to figure out a way to live with the headaches, as depressing as that was.  And by this time, I was certainly depressed.

Then one Saturday, I was helping my sister and her husband get their studio ready to open with their Martial Arts business.  Across the street was a Farmer's Market.  There was this guy there with a massage chair set-up giving free massages.  He had a banner that listed many ailments that he could help with by using massage therapy.  Of course, the only word I saw on his banner was HEADACHES!  Now, in my mission to get rid of my headaches, I had even done some massage therapy.  It never worked.  So when I saw Gary's sign, I was skeptical.  But, heck, it was free and what could it hurt.  So I took a seat and Gary did his magic for about 20 minutes.  I swear that I did not have a headache for 3 weeks!  You have no idea how exciting that was.  I started making weekly appointments with Gary and his magic hands.  Although, my headaches are not 100% gone yet, my quality of life has improved more than 100%. I don't even think about the headaches anymore and have stopped letting them control my life. 

I am still seeing Gary on a weekly basis, and my life and well-being continue to improve.  It turns out that there's a possibility that the root cause of your headache can actually be in your feet. Who knew?  There are so many times that we have pain and discomfort and, because it is not unbearable, we learn to live with it.  In my weekly therapy sessions, Gary has identified other problems that I had forgotten that I had and just learned to live with.  I'm am still amazed each week when he asks me if I have been having a problem in a certain area.  I'm finding out that I don't have to live with the discomfort anymore.  I'm so looking forward to getting my body into total balance, with Gary's help, and can't wait until I get to the point where I'm seeing Gary for the 'fluffy' massages.  I had no idea how things I can't feel were affecting the things I could feel.
I wish I had found him sooner.  If you are still trying to decide if Gary's massage therapy is right for you, I would highly recommend scheduling a therapy session and let him show you what he can do.  What have you got to lose except the pain.  As I said earlier, I had tried massage therapy in my quest for relief of the headaches with other therapists, and had no success.  So as long as Gary's services are available to me, I won't be going anywhere else.  No more doctors and no more drugs!

Sorry if this seems like a long 'testimonial' but it's very difficult to express my appreciation and happiness in a few words for what Gary has been able to do for me in the few months that I have known him and how good it feels to have my life back.  And for that, I thank him from the bottom of my heart."
RA< Orlando 2009

"Thank you Gary for the lymph treatment. It is always relaxing to have you work on me and I like everyone was skeptical about this treatment especially because the work your doing is such a light touch. I have to tell you I felt drained and sluggish later on in the day after you worked on me, but I have really noticed a big difference in my energy level as the week went on. I have been struggling with feeling horrible all of the time for about a year now and I am really feeling an improvement in my health. I really recommend it to everyone. I am going to have you do this treatment on my kids as well, to help flush out all of that Mc Donald's that they love to eat."
SB St. Cloud 2008

" I was in an extreme amount of pain and personal inconvenience with my shoulder.  I was unable to lift my arm or put it out to my side.  I could not hold myself up on it or lift anything with it.  I had gone to an orthopedist who explained frozen shoulder to me and sent me to therapy with the knowledge that if physical therapy did not work then surgery would be the answer.  Therapy was brutal and after leaving in tears from the pain that this “cure” was supposed to give me, I stumbled upon your information and frozen shoulder was mentioned in your ad. The rest is history, no pain, no restriction just ahhhhhhh."
PL, St. Cloud 2008

"I had no idea how disconnected I was from my body until your work made me realize what I was doing to myself. you never realize how badly you need a massage until you get off the table!"
MM, Orlando 2007

"If doctors were as informative and knowledgeable the way you are, we would have a great health care system!"
SR, Altamonte Springs 2006